Inside Omnifocus

Cheers, and welcome to Inside OmniFocus! Our goal is to show off different workflows from a few OmniFocus users, tools or services that work well with the suite, and systems like GTD® or one of your own design. Enjoy.

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Sébastien Pouillet

Write One. Reuse a Million Times.

Use templates and automation to optimize repetitive tasks.

Jonathan Poritsky

Organizing Groceries with OmniFocus

Making quick work at the grocery store with OmniFocus and Apple Watch.

Polina Burkart

Spending Time on What Matters

Using OmniFocus to spend more time on what matters, and less on what...doesn’t.

Beatrix Klebe

Work, School, Robots, and OmniFocus

Putting OmniFocus to work as a very busy high school junior.

Sabra Morris

Home, Work, and Contexts

Switching between freelancing projects is how it all works for Sabra; using Folders and Contexts is crucial.

David Sparks

The Ability to Clear

Using defer dates and focusing on Today, David is able to wear many hats—and even bail when necessary.

Jan-Yves Ruzicka

Scripting a Kanban View

Quantisation, Visualization, and getting OmniFocus data onto a Kanban board.

Sven Fechner

Capturing in the Moment

Keeping meetings and agendas in perspective and under control.

Kourosh Dini

A Workflow of Perspectives

Kourosh makes use of custom perspectives to get everything he doesn’t need to see out of sight.