Over the past few years several different sites have put OmniFocus, and teaching it to others, at their core. Here are a few books, lessons, video tutorials, and more. This collection of learning material isn’t conclusive—by any means—but created by people we’re happy to link to.

Learn OmniFocus by Tim Stringer

Learn OmniFocus is a product of Technically Simple, a company founded by Tim Stringer. Tim is a professional coach from Vancouver, BC, has been a speaker at OmniFocus events, and is an advocate for a healthy and balanced life. Learn OmniFocus launched in 2014 and offers both basic and advanced video courses, online classes, and more.

OmniFocus Essential Training by David Sparks

David put together nearly 4 hours of video for Lynda.com. For both Mac and iOS, they cover a lot of ground and feature the inimitable teaching style of Macsparky.

Creating Flow With OmniFocus by Kourosh Dini

A book by Kourosh Dini now in its second edition, Creating Flow presents a singular workflow that starts with basic concepts and moves toward the advanced. Kourosh practices psychiatry in Chicago.

Screencast Academy by Richard Baker

A great youtube channel, hosted by Richard Baker, focused on Mac & iOS tutorials. He’s produced a ton of content—check out the iPad Masterclass, iPhone Masterclass, and Mac Masterclass, all about OmniFocus.

Using OmniFocus by Joe Buhlig

Joe’s blog is dedicated to productivity, both Mac and “real world.” But he also wrote a book all about OmniFocus called “Working with OmniFocus”. Joe’s premise is simple: there isn’t one right way to use OmniFocus, so figure out how you operate and get started.

Joe even wrote an AppleScript that will switch a project’s status depending on the weather. Cool.