“If This, Then That”

IFTTT (pronounced like gift without the g) is a web service that automates a whole bunch of tasks by taking one thing, a trigger, and doing another thing, an action. A perfect example:

When a new Craigslist search for “Fremont apartment priced $1000-$1500” shows up, add a new Inbox item to OmniFocus via Mail Drop.

So that’s it, really. IFTTT has been around for a little while, so there’s a ton of OmniFocus examples already. The example above is very specific. That’s the really powerful, interesting part. You can browse some more generic recipes below.

IFTTT Recipe: Swipe in Mailbox app, send to OmniFocus Inbox connects gmail to gmail

IFTTT Recipe: If I add something to pocket, put it in OmniFocus connects pocket to gmail

IFTTT Recipe: Phone in a new OmniFocus task connects phone-call to email

These are just a few — check out IFTTT for more.