Automating OmniFocus via other applications

OmniFocus for iPhone and iPad have some built-in functionality for other applications to interface with it directly:

These are all covered in depth on the URL Schemes page.

Getting actions into OmniFocus

Thanks to system-wide Services in OS X, it’s easy to get new bits of data into OmniFocus. On iOS, we’re provided with a few different options. The easiest is the Share Sheet, which is available nearly everywhere. But some apps use direct integration with our URL Schemes to give actions better names and notes (and sometimes links back to data in the originating app!):

Screenshot showing text in Dispatch and the same text in OmniFocus as a new Inbox item The email client Dispatch sending an email to OmniFocus.

Screenshot showing text in Drafts and the Add in OmniFocus command The incredibly versatile Drafts app, sending a note to OmniFocus for iPhone.

There are several apps that work with many iOS apps, and these have great OmniFocus support built-in:

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