Automation with Zapier

Zapier lets you connect over 600 apps to OmniFocus, so you can automatically create new tasks in your OmniFocus inbox from any of the apps you rely on in your work. New leads generated with Salesforce, new commits in Github, new charges via Stripe—all in OmniFocus, all automatically.

All you need is a free Zapier account, and your OmniFocus Mail Drop email address. Then, you can setup automated workflows that put new tasks directly in your OmniFocus Inbox from any of the other apps you already use.

Doing even more than the usual

With Zapier you can unlock the hidden power of your apps by customizing how they work together to your workflow:

Browse hundreds of OmniFocus integrations on Zapier, where you can also create your own Zaps from scratch, or get started with these popular examples:

Zapier Resources