About Omni Sync Server

The Omni Group (that’s us!) is happy to provide a free-forever service to sync OmniFocus. It’s the easiest way to get started with OmniFocus for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and it’s fast, stable, and secure. You can create an account at the Omni Sync Server website.

Setting up sync on OmniFocus 2 for Mac

Getting started on the Mac is really easy. It’s important to choose the right first step, though, because OmniFocus isn’t able to merge two distinct databases. If you don’t already have a database stored on a server somewhere, you can set this up whenever.

Create an account, and then choose Synchronization from Preferences in the OmniFocus menu. Select Omni Sync Server, and then enter the account name that you just created. Once your password has been entered, you’re done!

Mail Drop

One of the more exciting features you’ll get—Mail Drop. Mail Drop is really simple, but can be used to get a lot of different information into the Inbox. Each address is unique—they could be given to people you trust so they too can add items to your Inbox. (Imagine giving your business partner an address so they can quietly add another thing to your plate. If that doesn’t prove worthwhile, you can delete that specific address without needing to replace it elsewhere.)

And check out our page on IFTTT for more on all the helpful and wild stuff that can be done with a Mail Drop address and an imagination.