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Managing Startup and Shutdown Routines in OmniFocus

Justin writes about using startup and shutdown routines to get into and out of the flow — intentionally.

To get stuff done with OmniFocus, take it easy on the due dates

Peter writes about how to use due dates for consequences rather than intentions.

Building a Business with OmniFocus Pro

Jason’s company, Arkus, Inc., uses GTD® and OmniFocus Pro across their entire company. He writes about why they chose OmniFocus Pro — and about how they train and support their employees in using it.

The Nine-Step Weekly Review I Use to Beat Overwhelm and Find Focus

Peter writes about the importance of the weekly review and how he uses it to stay on track.

Digital Workflows for Musical Directors

Vince Gassi writes about how he uses OmniFocus to manage learning songs, rehearsing, and directing a musical.

OmniFocus for the Web: So. Many. Computers.

Rose writes about how she uses OmniFocus for the Web at home and at work — on a bunch of different computers, including Windows.

Blowing Up Your Workflow with OmniFocus 3

Allen writes about taking a fresh look at your workflow and using the new features in OmniFocus Pro 3.

How One Nerd Found Religion with OmniFocus Tags

David writes about falling in love with tags, and he suggests some good ideas for tags you might use.

What’s The Forecast?

James writes about living in the Forecast view, and how he does it.

Outside OmniFocus

Jeff Porten writes about when to store data in OmniFocus and when to use other tools — such as OmniOutliner — and store pointers to that data in OmniFocus.

Getting Out of the Inbox

Daniel writes about processing his Inbox by using his Today tag and Pending project.

On Managing Life

Eric writes about how he uses OmniFocus on every available platform to manage his life.

Tags, Perspectives, and Automation

Rose writes about how she uses OmniFocus and automation to manage university, work, and home life.

Productivity In Three Dimensions of OmniFocus

Scotty writes about the three dimensions of OmniFocus: knowing, planning, and doing.

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